Happiness Through Character

How is the reputation you have with yourself? I know this can be a tough question. The biggest slap in the face that you can ever experience is thinking that you are “the only one that will know.” A huge part of your happiness is how well you are following your virtues. Following your virtues makes you feel better about yourself, especially in a society today where it is becoming harder to find good virtues. No one is perfect. If you cross your virtues, then stop, reset, and carry on.

If you feel that empty gloom inside, it’s time to visit your character. If you feel that this is all there is, then it’s time to get yourself back on track. Bottom line, character is your integrity gauge. The law of integrity is when what you say, think, and do is consistent. Folks, practice this law of integrity and get ready to unleash the fury of high self-esteem. A high self-esteem will bring all sorts of joy into your life. When you treat others how you would want to be treated yourself, your self-esteem rises. When your thoughts match what you say, and when what you say matches what you do, you enter the highest state of integrity.

Contradiction is self-destruction. Solid integrity is about consistently making decisions that are congruent with who you are. It takes courage to live an integrity-filled life. The word integrity literally is defined as one hundred percent whole. Live with integrity or choose to live with the feeling of knowing that you consistently and deliberately make the wrong choices. That doesn’t work! The more you practice integrity, the higher your self-esteem rises, and the more you will feel better about yourself. You will be more fulfilled emotionally, make more money, have more solid loving relationships, and have the ability to conquer more fear on a regular basis. When you feel better about yourself, it affects everything that is important in your life.

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No Regrets!

Live the life you have always wanted to live. If not now, when? If not you, then who? Come on! You were destined for greatness. Think like a person that has a high belief in themselves. The road to someday leads to nowhere. The time is now.

I saw a current picture of an old poster cover girl model the other day and she had aged considerably, as we all do. One of her gifts to the world was her outer beauty. Her time had passed with this gift. Have you ever met a retired sixty-year-old NFL player? Their gift had obviously passed, too, hadn’t it? Folks, don’t put all of your self-esteem in your current talent. You are not only destined for greatness, you are destined for all-time greatness. It may change like beauty or athletic ability does, but you are not your talent. You are much more than that. Be your best and elevate your gifts. Live all out now, because when they fade, they fade. At that point what makes a winner a true winner is to recognize that although their gift to the world did not last forever, their shining light will. It may be reinvention time for the next gift to the world. The time is always now!

I hope that by the time we are in our rocking chairs, looking back at what we did, we are able to say, “Thank God for a strong belief in myself. I went for it. I did my best. I have no regrets. Regardless of whether I achieved my goal or not, I went for it. I did the most I could with the most I had. I stepped up to fear. I may be at a different stage of life now and that is what happens to us all. I will never say I lived a life of quiet desperation. And that makes me happy!”

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Morning Attitude – It Can Make or Break Your Day!

Morning Attitude – It Can Make Or Break Your Day!

“Today is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I see fit. I can waste it or grow in its light and be of service to others. Today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. I hope I don’t regret the price I paid for it.”

—6th Grade Outdoor Education Camp Leader
Jefferson County, 1986


Do you wake up every morning to an alarm clock or an opportunity clock? Do you wake up knowing you can accomplish any goal you set? Do you expect to be blessed so you can be a blessing? If not, start tomorrow morning. No, start now! Say to yourself, “I CAN accomplish any goal I set! I DO expect to be blessed today!” It’s all about attitude. For some of you, this may be over the top. If it is, be patient, you’ll get there if you choose. All great things develop over time with consistency.

It is important to start our attitude off in the morning because a single thought in the morning can make or break our entire day! If we start the morning off with a bad memory, for example, and replay the memory in our head all day, we’ll continue to expect what we are already getting. Change it. Your attitude can be optimistic or pessimistic. It is totally your choice. How you feel most of the time is a direct result of your attitude. Optimistic people scientifically are happier, healthier, and wealthier. They have stronger energy, are enthusiastic, and have stronger immune systems. I would like to choose this one, please.

Say to yourself,

“I CAN accomplish any goal I set! I DO expect to be blessed today!”

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